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see you later Rockaway 2016

Since I’ve lived on the east coast, I’ve grown fond of the Jersey shore. But this summer I was without a car and discovered that for a mere $2.75, I was able to take the A train from it’s farthest north in Manhattan, all of the way to it’s furthest southeast at Far Rockaway Queens. And I can’t believe that in almost 30 years as a New Yorker, I hadn’t done this much earlier.

This summer I spent many days in Rockaway. And I found the experience invigorating in a  “big city meets boundless nature” sort of way. Rockaway offers so many contrasts between rich and poor, industrial and residential and old and new. Hurricane Sandy destroyed big chunks and while much of it has been rebuilt, many parts have not. I wandered around extensively and found it to be a photographer’s delight. And I was very sad for the season to end. But I think I’ll be back over the rest of the year and look forward to next summer.


Stormy day with traces of hurricane Matthew. The beach is near empty and the only not “closed for the season” concession is having a last night of music for a very small crowd. And the Pacific Ocean is quite a spectacle as always.

video: Fahrenheit Whatever: is Donald Trump just like George W. Bush? or worse?

I did this movie before the 2004 election. Don’t know why it didn’t go viral then. But I just put it up again last night and already it has 14 views, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s on it’s way to getting millions of hits this time around.

The same sentiments apply as in 2004, but maybe I should change the soundtrack to be about Donald Trump instead of about George W. Bush? Or is changing the title enough. What do you think?

Original Title: FAHRENHEIT WHATEVER (whatever temperature it takes to make a house made entirely out of matches BURN)
(Not sure how many people got the Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 911 reference.)

from the script:
Wife: “Honey, I told you to stop smoking. The house is on fire.”
Husband: “Like I said — don’t panic. All I’ve got to do is call my friend George. The fire will be out in no time.”