herding cats vs. herding cockroachs

Put this down under helpful household tips (if you live in a NYC)

It’s been said that running the U.S. Senate is like herding cats. Well that clearly does not work, even when your party is in the majority.

On the other hand, herding cockroaches is a very useful technique.

In our NYC kitchen, we just can’t get rid of the cockroaches. It seems that all kitchen appliances make perfect habitats. (Is this some kind of a conspiracy?)

But the roaches have not entirely broken my spirit. And because of the technique I will now share with you, my morale remains high.

I don’t get frustrated, I play a little game.

The wrong way:

When my wife sees a roach, she swats at it madly and often misses, causing frustration with no pay off. This is a bad technique.

The right way:

  1. When you first see a roach, don’t panic but take your time.
  2. Then determine where the roach will run next to hide and block them with your hands or anything else that works.
  3. Then decide which way you want to roach to run to become an easy target.
  4. Make the roach run into an open space
  5. And swat them.

Works almost every time. And after awhile you get really good at it.

Does it get rid of all of the roaches? No. Does it make me feel better about the situation? Yea sort of, it’s fun in a really sick way.

If I could, I would put this technique in a bottle, and I’d be sure to get very rich.

Happy herding!

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