why I hate amazon (pt. 3 of many)

OK, so I love and hate amazon. In fact, I love and hate them so much, that I just might write a book about them someday. *

I love amazon because it let’s me find just about anything . But one reason I hate them is because too often I’m not sure of exactly what I’m getting.  Often descriptions are lazy, incomplete or inaccurate. Really, I think that sometimes the sellers don’t even know what they’re selling.

And I hate it when I forget to read the fine print. Because it seems that there isn’t any fine print. Or at least I can never find it when I look for it.

Recently I started to return something that just didn’t work and the credit for my return was erased by the shipping charges as had happened more than a few times before. And I know there is no way that it really cost $6.60 (the cheapest way) to ship that product back.

So the whole exercise was just another way of saying that this vendor didn’t take returns. The $1.39 credit was not even worth the time it would take to ship the product back.

hate Amazon 3a

I know I could have contacted amazon customer support and complained. And I’m pretty sure they would have credited me and to me that I didn’t even have to ship the product back. They’ve made that kind of allowance before.

But then I’m just left with throwing that product away. Like it’s just the newest innovation in capitalism and a product goes straight from purchase and delivery into the garbage can. Besides being absurd, I’m just not cool with that. It’s a big waste of resources. And as a parent, I do worry that none of the good things about this planet will be left for my children. Has amazon never heard of carbon footprints, environmental degradation or climate change? Or is it now just all about the money?

*The book won’t really be about Amazon as much as about other trends in modern capitalism like the anarchy of production, Walmartization, the disappearance of mom and pop stores; stuff like that.

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