Election 2016 Analysis Sidebar 1: ALTERNATIVE FACTS


It has now become commonplace for Trump to dismiss anything that does not show him in the best favorable light as “fake” news. For example, Trump has labeled the sources who reported poor attendance at his inauguration or polls about his poor approval rating as being lies and “fake”.

Inside Trump’s bubble he may actually believe, as he has stated, that he won the election in a landslide, when in reality he lost the popular vote by over three million votes. But leave it to Trump to explain away this inconvenient fact by stating that his loss in the popular vote was due to voter fraud perpetrated by over three million illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary. Not only is this statement preposterous on the face of it, like his claim that Obama has been wiretapping him, it’s not based on a shred of evidence.

Trump labels anything he disagrees with as “fake” news. And this has given birth to a new term, “Alternative facts”. which was first coined by Kellyanne Conway during a Meet the Press interview, in which she defended White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s erroneous statement about the massive attendance at Donald Trump’s inauguration. In this case, the interviewer Chuck Todd countered that facts were facts and the real meaning of “alternative facts” was in reality, that they were not facts but that they were lies (forgive the paraphrase).

It is fascinating that Trump would come up the notion of “fake” news, when so much of this political success has depended on him just making things up. In many ways, it seems that Trump is “FAKE” news incarnate. And it makes you wonder if anything and everything Trump says is just an alternative fact”. Or really just another lie.

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