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Dyker lights 2016

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. We try to go every year. The best lights are on 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue and from 83rd to 86th Street.

Many households must pay un sacco di soldi to professional decorators to compete with their neighbors. Many of the houses are huge and must have more storage space just for Christmas decorations than we have in our whole apartment.

The lights tend towards the over the top, if not just crazy. As one reviewer pointed out, Clark Griswold is alive and well in Dyker Heights. See 27 Things you didn’t know about the movie, Christmas Vacation HERE and Christmas Vacation Official Merchandise HERE

We always set out looking for a cute restaurant to eat at in the neighborhood, but the business district still baffles us a bit and everything seems to close early. One year we stopped in the Tasty Pastry Shoppe on 13th Avenue and the pastries were indeed very “tasty”.

More Dyker Heights info. HERE and info. for other NYC Xmas lights HERE