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the horseshoe pit in Ft. Tryon park, NYC originally began when I saw some +50 year old trees being needlessly cut down. Originally there was a desire to form or find a coalition of partners who could work together on various ecology issues in NYC.

When I looked into the laws, it turns out there are no protections in NYC for trees on private property. Quite simply, landowners can do whatever they want. Also in this particular case, it seemed that most people didn’t even notice the trees being sawed down or their absence. The same thing happened a year later, again with little notice from my neighbors. And so it goes. I haven’t completely forgotten about the original idea, but nothing much happened with my original web-site concept.

Recently has become the online home for the Margaret Corbin Provisional Horseshoe Pitching League, which is another pet project of mine. In time,  may expand and deal with more NYC city ecological and quality of life issues. But for now, I’m happy that the nascent horseshoe league has an online home.

see you later Rockaway 2016

Since I’ve lived on the east coast, I’ve grown fond of the Jersey shore. But this summer I was without a car and discovered that for a mere $2.75, I was able to take the A train from it’s farthest north in Manhattan, all of the way to it’s furthest southeast at Far Rockaway Queens. And I can’t believe that in almost 30 years as a New Yorker, I hadn’t done this much earlier.

This summer I spent many days in Rockaway. And I found the experience invigorating in a  “big city meets boundless nature” sort of way. Rockaway offers so many contrasts between rich and poor, industrial and residential and old and new. Hurricane Sandy destroyed big chunks and while much of it has been rebuilt, many parts have not. I wandered around extensively and found it to be a photographer’s delight. And I was very sad for the season to end. But I think I’ll be back over the rest of the year and look forward to next summer.

Stormy day with traces of hurricane Matthew. The beach is near empty and the only not “closed for the season” concession is having a last night of music for a very small crowd. And the Pacific Ocean is quite a spectacle as always.