Seemed like the multi-part article about Trump would stay the lead story here forever and ever. Still, it did seem fitting that it stayed as long as it did, since the aberration of Trump showed off the many fault lines of our overweight/over-medicated barely literate society. These schisms still exist and arguably always will, however I think this may have been my last article purely about politics whereas if I must continue, I will try to give a better history lesson and tend towards more awareness, self-healing, and calling a spade a spade (meant in the Greek sense, not a racial slur.) and things like that .

As It stands, it’s time to move on and away from politics and I think there are probably more important things to be discovered having lived through Trump, then COVID, and now everyone’s naïve hurry to return to so called “normal”. Myself, I want to talk more about world peace, the trivial nature of capitalism unraveling, the everyday occurrence of opening a big box of plastic, and the importance of good customer service as a branding platform.

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