review: Advion cockroach gel customer service

When I renovated our kitchen, I thought I had finally blocked off every last entry point that roaches could use to get into our apartment. But the darn things hung out in our old refrigerator. And they managed to move into the new appliances as soon as we got them.

Our roaches particularly like the area around the dishwasher. It’s nice and warm there. But they also enjoy the back of the fridge and stove. While some prefer the coffee maker. And others are fond of the underside of the land line phone. And I even once caught one living in the grounding part of an electrical outlet. So why do appliance manufacturers make their products so friendly to roaches? Don’t they know that in New York we are suffering? But that is a discussion for another post on another day.

This post is about Advion Cockroach gel customer service.

Advion Cockroach Gel Tube
Advion Cockroach Gel Tube

When we got the cockroach problem, we had the building’s exterminator service come in. The guy used Advion Cockroach gel. He said you needed to have an exterminator’s license to get it, but also that you could get it online. (They assume you know what you are doing if you know enough to buy it?)

It comes in a syringe and you apply it in small amounts by pushing the plunger. The purchase came with 3 tubes and only one plunger. I remember opening the package and saying “Bully for them” for only including one plunger, figuring it could be reused again and again, and only sending one plunger would  conserve resources. And I’m into that.

But later, I accidentally threw out the plunger with an empty tube. I still had two full tubes left and no plunger. So I called Advion customer service. I found their number by googling “Advion customer service” and clicking on the Advion support link and the number came right up. Or you can just dial 1-877-5ADVION (523-8466)

The choices on the automated phone answering system (there must be a better name for that) seemed appropriate and were not overly confusing and soon I was talking to an actual person. He was not surprised that I needed a plunger and agreed to send me one at no charge. Just like that.

So I give their customer service, at least the the (plunger replacement part of their customer service) a definite “A plus” and a “like” and a “thumbs up”.

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