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Over the last 30 years Adobe systems bought out many of its early competitors and became the default go to software for anything graphic design. Being somewhat of a pioneer (or at least sort of ahead of my time) in computer graphics, I ultimately adopted and embraced all things Adobe. Several years ago, I bought older versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite intending to bypass Adobe’s current pay as you go forever subscription. A few months ago, Adobe disabled my software remotely and told me my use of the software was illegal. Offering purchase of their subscription at $70 a month was their only solution. I responded to this, but it’s unclear if my complaints, proof of purchase or anything else was ever read. It was never responded to directly.

I responded to this, but it’s unclear if my complaints, proof of purchase or anything else was ever read.

I have since found Affinity software including Affinity Publisher, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer to replace most of Adobe’s graphic design offering. I am still searching for a replacement for Adobe Dreamweaver and am still undecided on how to handle video production, which I don’t do as often. On one hand it’s a pain to learn new software but despite what I see as certain shortcomings, I’m glad Affinity is offering an alternative to the Adobe Regime at all.

I bought Adobe Lightroom to handle photos years before I bought the Creative Suite. Recently, it too stopped working because I was told that my registration was faulty. Adobe told me that in the interest of “progress” that the servers handling my registration were retiring  and they would no longer support my older version of lightroom. They offered a new subscription as the only solution. Understandably I was outraged because “Why should I have to pay more for something I already own?”

“Why should I have to pay more for something I already own?”

It’s fair to say I saw this stupidity coming from their customer service. And even before I went on the “chat” I knew that any effort to communicate would be a waste of time, so even before that I had started to look for a lightroom replacement. And relying on stupid (paid for?) web reviews, I bought Luminar AI which was a seemingly good and interesting photo processing tool but did not do what I had hoped in terms of photo organization. I might add that unlike Adobe, they seem to be a good, well run company and they did refund my purchase without a quibble.  Subsequently I bought ACDSee Photo Studio which has the digital asset management features I needed. So far this works fine.

I still have work to do and software to find and learn, but overall I’m happy with my decision to ditch Adobe completely. The writing on the wall is that Adobe will continue to be the industry bully for some time and accordingly I will push for the adoption of alternative and non-Adobe software. I simply think  that any company with such poor customer service and dictatorial policies does not deserve my support.


Seemed like the multi-part article about Trump would stay the lead story here forever and ever. Still, it did seem fitting that it stayed as long as it did, since the aberration of Trump showed off the many fault lines of our overweight/over-medicated barely literate society. These schisms still exist and arguably always will, however I think this may have been my last article purely about politics whereas if I must continue, I will try to give a better history lesson and tend towards more awareness, self-healing, and calling a spade a spade (meant in the Greek sense, not a racial slur.) and things like that .

As It stands, it’s time to move on and away from politics and I think there are probably more important things to be discovered having lived through Trump, then COVID, and now everyone’s naïve hurry to return to so called “normal”. Myself, I want to talk more about world peace, the trivial nature of capitalism unraveling, the everyday occurrence of opening a big box of plastic, and the importance of good customer service as a branding platform.