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Coming soon Election 2016 Analysis (in 4 parts)


Election 2016 Analysis (In 4 parts)
It’s All Your Fault! And why it isn’t.
By Dean Heagle

Summary: This is a four part series about the 2016 presidential election encompassing issues of voter apathy, the mainstream media, the vanishing middle class and a way to make the system better. Many of the topics introduced include additional information as sidebars.

In writing on the subject of the 2016 presidential election, I found that exploring any one topic, consistently shed light on more and more details. Gladly, the passage of time has helped solidify and expand these ideas. Thus, what was originally intended as a short article has become a four part series, replete with sidebars and additional analysis.

errata and correction

No, I wasn’t on the cover of the Rolling Stone and I also I didn’t get interviewed by the New York Times. That was just wishful thinking on my part which I would still prefer to hope is a sort of prescience.

Legal authorities from these two organizations should understand that I posted these ditties in the spirit of respect with the hope that I am foreshadowing an altered career. Yes I work harder at it than some people do but apparently I still have much work to do to fully understand that writing is it’s own reward.