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Twitter test!

Did all of my twitter followers get this? I certainly hopes so, cuz I so looks forward to tweeting and chirping and cawing with you!

(Oops, did that exceed the 140 character limit?) how about now?

(Oops, did that exceed the 140 character limit?) how about now?

(Oops, did that exceed the 140 character limit?) how about now?

video: Fahrenheit Whatever: is Donald Trump just like George W. Bush? or worse?

I did this movie before the 2004 election. Don’t know why it didn’t go viral then. But I just put it up again last night and already it has 14 views, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s on it’s way to getting millions of hits this time around.

The same sentiments apply as in 2004, but maybe I should change the soundtrack to be about Donald Trump instead of about George W. Bush? Or is changing the title enough. What do you think?

Original Title: FAHRENHEIT WHATEVER (whatever temperature it takes to make a house made entirely out of matches BURN)
(Not sure how many people got the Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 911 reference.)

from the script:
Wife: “Honey, I told you to stop smoking. The house is on fire.”
Husband: “Like I said — don’t panic. All I’ve got to do is call my friend George. The fire will be out in no time.”

why won’t you return my e-mails? part 1

When I was a teenager, I used to talk to everyone I’d meet. One day I met some white middle class New Yorker Buddhist types who said that they chanted all day as a way to get whatever they needed or wanted. They would chant for their food and they’d get food. They’d chant for their cigarettes and they’d get cigarettes. (Yes they really used this example) Myself I was amused that the cosmic powers of the universe would be so kind. But after all, this was a pre-anti-tobacco-litigation era.

The chant these Buddhists used was

“Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”

Which roughly translated means that each person has the power to overcome any difficulty in life.

Recently I sent out a ton of e-mails to old friends and acquaintances and got almost no response. I found this very frustrating, if not a bit depressing.

So to be proactive I have devised my own chant to deal with this problem. It goes like this,

“Hey bro, don’t dis my email yo.”

Seems like many many people have this same problem. I’m hoping that that this might be of help to others.

Or for you purists out there, here is the traditional 24 minute chant.
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – 24 Minute Chant.

And the traditional 1 hour chant is here.
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – 1 Hour Daimoku – Chanting

Best of luck. I hope this helps.